3 Timeless Steps to Leverage Your Success in a New Sales Territory

Taking over a new sales territory can be daunting…so many opportunities, so little time. But help is at hand. From best practices proven over 20 years of sales territory management training, here are three steps that will put you on the path to success.

  1. Slow down and make a strategic plan. Divide up your territory so you are not running in circles. Apply some discipline to your moves. Perhaps you focus on one-quarter of your territory per day Tuesday through Friday each week with Monday the day you set aside for admin and the unexpected.

  2. Schedule time to prospect every day. This is what will open doors and keep your pipeline filled. Though it is tempting to run after promising deals, do not neglect this critical phase of sales success.

  3. Maintain your database. As you make new contacts, be sure to add the notes that will help you recall important information, follow through on your promises and keep on top of next steps to build customer relationships. This is your bible. Keep it up to date.
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