3 Completely Avoidable Situations You Should Know That Cause Clients to Leave

There are lots of reasons clients go away. Some reasons, like a sudden lack of budget or only a temporary need for your services, are pretty much unavoidable.

But, sales territory management training analysts say, there are other reasons clients leave that are avoidable and under your control. They fall under the umbrella of interpersonal relationships. Here are 3 situations to watch out for:

  1. Decrease of trust.
    With a long-time client, a lessening of trust is usually caused by a feeling that you no longer care as much about their business or that your solutions are not as impactful as they once were. The remedy: Spend more time with the client to focus on their overall business, how the relationship is doing, and the measurable impact you are making.
  1. Complacency.
    As a corollary, if a client begins to feel you are taking them for granted, they are ripe for the picking by the competition. If they sense that you are “coasting” rather than putting in true effort to satisfy their needs, they are at risk for leaving.
  1. Poor chemistry.
    If you find that your styles are completely different and actually grate upon one another, ask yourself if you are doing your best at active listening. If the account is at risk because of poor personal chemistry, call in a colleague whose personality is better aligned with the client.
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