Out-of-the-Box Sales Territory Assignments

Let’s agree at the start: There is no way to assign territories that is absolutely equitable. Even so, every sales manager shoots for the impossible. Even so there will be some disputes over the fairness of territory assignments and their potential for revenue. 

Sales territory management training offers many different strategies. You can divide territory by geography, by product, by market segment, and so on. But how about some out-of-the-box approaches that are currently being tested? Are you bold enough to try them?
Here are some possibilities:

  • How about all leads going directly to Sales with an overflow supply that reps can pull from to strengthen their business and feed their quota?

  • Or how about assigning a specific number of accounts to reps with no geographical constraints? This becomes their base. And then they are encouraged to dip into the pool of “free” accounts as they follow their own interests and networks.

  • Or how about assigning accounts in turn as they are identified and directing them to reps in a pre-ordained market segment?
What have you tried?