What Drives Performance - Sales Outcomes vs. Activities?

Many sales reps are asked by their managers to spend an inordinate amount of time on reports. Sales leaders want the numbers…they want the outcomes in order to produce more realistic forecasts and to be able to measure sales success. But what are the most important sales metrics to track? Actually it is the sales activities.

The Sales Education Foundation and Vantage Point Performance conducted a recent study and listed over 300 metrics sales managers used and then divided them into three categories:

  1. Sales activities
  2. Sales objectives
  3. Sales results
The report concluded that the only category that sales leaders could effectively influence was activities…the others were outcomes and not under leaders’ control. It is the activities that sales managers should spend their time measuring. Particularly those specific sales activities that can be directly influenced by their sales team and that can be highly predictive of sales success. 

Take a page from a sales territory management training manual. What should matter to you as a sales leader is how a sales rep’s time is spent in their assigned territory. You should know how many customers each rep is responsible for, how many different types of customers they have and how many sales calls they make. The goal is to make the best use of your reps’ time as you manage how they select, prioritize and plan their client meetings. Track activities rather than simply outcomes in order to adjust territories and maximize your sales force effectiveness.  

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