3 Revenue-Generating Steps to Productive Sales Territories

As a sales manager, your primary success metric is most likely revenue generated. While there may be caveats regarding margin, product mix, win rate, customer type and the like, rainmakers usually succeed.

You need to ensure that your sales force is working as productively as possible and that your sales territories are bringing in as they forecast.

Here are 3 steps from the best sales territory management training programs for bringing in the revenue you need to be successful:
  1. Know what you need to know. There is no way you can divvy up territories equitably until you have the data. However you gather it, you need to know where the money is coming from and who is buying – both now and potentially in the future. Track the facts and analyze them so you can make smart decisions.
  2. Know your customers. Rank your clients so you know who are your best and most reliable prospects and where you should effectively spend your valuable time.
  3. Know when and where changes occur. A regular review is essential so you can adjust as needed and hopefully proactively plan for growth.