3 Old School Reasons to Assign Sales Territories Geographically

3 Old School Reasons to Assign Sales Territories Geographically

There are many ways to divvy up territories among your sales people…by product, by customer, by industry, etc. Sales territory management training programs help you decide what makes the most sense for your organization and marketplace. But here are three reasons why you should give careful consideration to assigning them geographically…the old-fashioned way:

  1. Knowledge of local language and culture
    Especially if you are operating globally, reps who are familiar with the area’s language and customs will be far more welcome and face far fewer obstacles. By reducing or eliminating the barriers of language and culture, sales in far flung territories will be much more efficient and effective.

  2. Less time and expense for travel
    By restricting a rep’s sales to a particular geography, they will be able to spend less time in the car or on a plane and more time selling.

  3. Less reason for conflict
    It is near impossible to assign territories in an absolutely equitable way. But if geography is the basis for assignments, there can be little question about a particular account. It is where it is.
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