4 Steps to Ramp a New Sales Rep the Right Way

If you are in charge of a sales team with territories, you know how critical it is to get your new sales reps up to speed as fast as possible. It can make the difference between hitting your numbers and failing miserably.

Follow the steps below that were compiled by sales territory management training experts. The steps show first how to introduce the new rep to the team and then to the customers.
  1. Make sure the new rep is fully prepped on your company—its business, culture and target clients—and is familiar with what differentiates your products and solutions in the eyes of your target customers.
  2. Set up a lunch meeting to introduce the new rep to the team. Allow time for casual conversation as well as to present the rep’s credentials, experience and expectations.
  3. Introduce the rep to top clients in the territory by letter or email. Then work together to share your knowledge of current clients…their organizations and their needs.Visit clients together. Conduct post-sales call reviews to give the new rep feedback on performance.