The 3 Big Benefits of Effective Sales Territory Management

The goal of creating a structure by which sales accounts are assigned to individual sales team members should be to:
  1. Increase sales,
  2. Reduce travel time and expenses
  3. Improve sales force motivation and morale
But the process of assigning territories equitably can be incredibly difficult and complex. Do you partition customers by geography, by revenue, by product, by potential? There are multiple possible scenarios that can make sense for your unique sales strategy and culture.

Sales territory management training professionals recommend you assemble as much data as you can to describe historical sales and then choose a quality sales territory alignment software program than can help. The software should be able to analyze and organize your data in a way that is customized to your exact situation, produce models for you as sales manager to consider, and then be flexible enough to adapt to strategy, marketing, sales and customer changes as needed.

Your objective of maximizing sales potential, reducing costs and maintaining high performance should no longer be avoided as too difficult. Plug the data into an appropriate, easy-to-use program and enjoy the results.