3 Effective Sales Territory Management Design Guidelines

Sales territories will never be absolutely equal in potential…but you should try your best to make them so. Understand where the potential for business is and send your sales force in the right direction to take advantage of the opportunities.

Here,from sales territory management experts, are 3 guidelines on how to design and manage your plan most effectively.

      1.     Know what you need to know. Get good data and analyze it for maximum overall productivity. You need to keep records of sales and track, record and analyze them to come up with the facts that should guide your decisions.

2.     Truly know your clients. To keep this less of a guessing game about who will buy, how much and when, group your customers into 3 levels: 
·         Those you can depend upon for revenue without too much effort
·         Those who are likely to buy with more effort
·         Those who are unlikely to buy and don’t deserve the effort

Now your sales force can spend their time more productively.

                3.     Review the territories at least annually for any changes that should be made.