Three Tips for Managing Your Sales Territory Smartly

You have been assigned your sales territory for the upcoming year. Now you must create a plan to service your customers and mine the opportunities as effectively as possible.

Here are three tips from sales territory management experts for doing just that.  The goal is to make the best use of your time.
  1. Organize your territory by dividing it up by geography or industry or product…whatever makes the most sense. If you’re driving from one client to another, try using area codes. If you’re working with multiple industries, focus on industry-by-industry in sequence. If you’re selling multiple products, you may want to work with one product group at a time.
  2. Evaluate your customers in terms of who deserves or needs regular visits or calls and who rates only an occasional contact. Then set up a plan for the year and begin slotting in meetings and check-ins.
  3. Prioritize your schedule so that you spend the most time on those customers with the greatest potential.