3 Sales Territory Management Tips to Keep Your Eye on the Prize

If you are a sales rep with a fair amount of independence in how you organize your schedule, it is critical that you apply some discipline to managing your time. Time is your most precious commodity and you can’t afford to waste it.

  1. Don’t lose sight of your overall goal. It is tempting to cross items off your “to-do” list without prioritizing their importance. Test every proposed client interaction with a series of qualifiers: do they need what you sell? Can they afford and actually use it? How soon?  Do they value what you offer?
  2. Don’t neglect current customers for the chance to rein in a new one. It is far easier to leverage and grow existing relationships than to try to develop a new one.
  3. Don’t squander the privilege of a client meeting. Make each meeting count by thorough preparation and by setting specific goals for the session. Strengthen the client relationship through your understanding of the client’s needs and always leave behind something of value (fresh insights, new ideas, or referral to a relevant subject matter expert).