How to Save Time with Smart Sales Territory Management

Wouldn’t you like to have more time to spend with your best customers? Sales territory management experts know that time is a precious commodity. Make sure you don’t waste it by unwise sales territory management.

Unfortunately, too many salespeople are great at wasting selling time…often because they don’t have a plan for prioritizing and maximizing the time they spend with their best target clients. When you can manage a schedule that keeps you in front of your best customers without wasting time on non-customer facing travel or poor prospects, you have a recipe for success.

Here, from our proven sales territory management training program, is a process that takes advantage of what we have learned about saving sales time:

  1. Define your sweet spot client.
    Top performing sales teams know the attributes of clients who most need your solutions and are most likely to buy. For example, at LSA Global, we work best with savvy leaders at U.S. based, high-growth companies in the High Tech, Professional Services and Life Sciences with a commitment to their people and a readiness to commit to moving an important business metric. The more 
    specific you can be in your definition of your ideal target customer, the better you can target your sales and marketing efforts.  

  2. Identify prospects who fit your sweet spot definition, make a list and prioritize them.
    Use one of the available software programs to compile a list of potential target clients and then prioritize them in 3 tiers by whatever success metrics and criteria apply in your situation. Consider geography (so you can efficiently go after those customers close at hand), known business needs that your solution can address, referral possibilities from your current network, etc.

  3. Organize your schedule so you allow for direct customer contact about 70% of your time.
    Plan your days, weeks and months so you cover the list with highest priority prospects first. Then stick to it. 
If you want to build and grow a sales territory, take advantage of sales territory management training best practices to maximize your selling time with the target customers who are most likely to appreciate and buy what you have to offer. With a methodical approach based on your ideal target client, you will join the one-out-of-four salespeople who use their time most wisely by capitalizing on the sales opportunities most likely to bear fruit.