4 Tips on How to Open a New Sales Territory Successfully

A sign in the mountains reads "Ski Area Boundary-Not Patrolled"

The good news is that your boss recognized your sales success by expanding your territory; the bad news is that the territory is new and uncharted. Guess it’s time to dig back into what you learned in sales territory management training for strategies on how to succeed in a new sales territory.

  1. Work your existing network for referrals. Do any of your current satisfied customers have connections to your new territory? Ask them and follow up on any such warm leads.
  2. Let potential customers know you are ready to serve them. Use whatever marketing channels are at your disposal…social media, email, direct mail, websites or, best of all, face-to-face meetings.
  3. Differentiate your offerings. What relevant value can you provide that your competitors cannot? Highlight what truly sets you apart from others and make sure it will be of demonstrable value to your clients.
  4. Do your homework. Research possible clients and rank them so you can prioritize the way you spend your time. Go after those with the greatest potential but don’t ignore smaller prospects. Your objective is to both build relationships and revenue while, at the same time, you feed your pipeline.