What Is Right and Wrong with Sales Territories

Even experts in sales territory management training agree…sales territories can be painful to define and to run. But they also agree that having no defined territories is worse.

Here is a synopsis of first what is wrong and then what is right with sales territories.

What is wrong: Sales territories can be…
  • Difficult to set limits for.
  • Never exactly fair.
  • The cause of dissension in the sales ranks.
  • An excuse for poor performance.
  • Confusing enough to require unnecessary sales leader time to sort out.
  • A source of awkward client hand-offs.

What is right: Sales territories…
  •  Provide focus for sales efforts, investments and plans.
  • Give salespeople a sense of ownership, empowerment and accountability. 
  • Encourage specialization and development of expertise by geography, industry, market segment or company size.
  • Allow salespeople to prioritize their efforts and increase productivity.
  • Reduce conflict among team members and promote collaboration.
  • Increase referrals from one salesperson to another.
Our advice? Overlook the difficulties of establishing sales territories in order to maximize the productivity of your sales force. It will pay off in your business results.

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