3 Immediate Steps to Take When You Have Been Assigned to a New Sales Territory

Whether you are new to the territory or the territory is new to you, there are some steps you should follow to maximize its potential before you pack your bags. Here is a simple list of tasks recommended by sales territory management training experts that you can follow, one by one:
  1. Meet your existing customers. Tour the territory and introduce yourself to every one of its current customers. Check for their satisfaction with your company and its solutions. If there is a problem, fix it. If they have been pleased to date, find out why and assure them you will continue to deliver the same quality service.
  2. Identify target prospects. Work with your manager to identify new customers with good potential. Learn as much as you can about them and then prioritize according to which may be long-term and which short-term prospects. If you call on a mix, you will get some fast closes and some that build your pipeline.
  3. Use your network. Try to “warm up” your calls on potential customers by tapping into your network for referrals. Approached right, current satisfied customers and colleagues are likely to provide a helpful introduction.