How to Align Sales Territories the Right Way

If you are in charge of sales territory management, you have probably been approached by many consultants with what they call the “right” answer to your very challenging problem.

There are so many factors to consider and so many ways to upset your sales reps with apparent inequity, not to mention reducing your productivity through mistakes and repair delays. The ideal is to achieve realignment on a regular basis for maximum productivity with minimum disruption. Does it make sense to analyze your own complicated spreadsheet or perhaps to hire external specialists to manage field force assignments?

The latest advice is to create a field force alignment platform specific to your company. You will need to input data from multiple sources—HR, CRM, ERP. Though it may be labor-intensive on the front end, the resulting platform allows for more rapid and frequent alignment as minor changes are made along the way. Once the platform is in place, you have far more flexibility to adjust to market changes, as well as personnel and customer changes. Downtime is reduced and productivity (revenue) is increased.