How to Exercise Some Territory Management Discipline That Matters

We put “fences” around sales territories to help to better serve, manage and grow client accounts. 

Wouldn’t it be great if as salespeople we could just coast from one success to another, enjoy the accolades and revenue, and never have to spend so much time planning and organizing? But, if we really want to succeed, we need to stay on top of the day-to-day details. We need to exercise some discipline…especially if we are managing a large territory.

Here are some tips from sales territory management experts. Follow them and you will be much more likely to reap the benefits…sale after sale.

·         Organize and prioritize territories so your salespeople can minimize their non-productive time on the road, doing admin, or meeting with unlikely-to-buy customers.

·         Plan the best way to service your accounts (frequency of phone calls and in-person visits) and prioritize according to their performance, potential and fit.

·         Take advantage of referrals…both external and internal to protect and grow your account and territory share based upon your success.

·         Be Strategic by keeping the big picture in view in terms of your customer’s customers and how they buy rather than just ticking to-do’s off your sales list for your perspective.

·         Have a clear objective for each internal and external meeting that aligns with your overall sales, territory and account strategies.

·         Don’t neglect to summarize each interaction to record follow-up actions, new contacts and next steps.